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Join us

Vilnius Students For Liberty is looking for people to join our student movement. We are expecting to work with individuals, who are passionate about freedom, motivated and ambitious.

You are keen on knowing why choosing us is the best idea? Well, the answer is quite simple. We are a global movement and an international network. We are driven by intellectual ideas and people. We are ambitious and creative. And we DO have a vision.

We will work together on campaigns regarding Nanny State, Drug war and labor regulations.

We’ll do pro-liberty and pro-choice activism on social media, legal guerrilla act(s), write blog posts and do events with high profile speakers.

If you see yourself as a person, who chooses to be a part of solution instead of being a part of a problem and you want to spread this approach and the message of liberty, you have found the perfect spot.


We are looking for people in these areas:








Feel free to contact us: