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Who are we?
Students for Liberty (SFL)

A worldwide movement.

“Before Students for Liberty, there were no student movements for liberty at all. Since SFL’s founding in 2008, we have laid the foundations to create a global student movement for liberty, which is growing more quickly than anyone ever anticipated: now SFL consists of 50,000 students, 1,400+ student groups, 600+ student leaders, 50+ conferences for 10,000+ attendees, and 300,000+ resources. Yet this is only the beginning.”

Vilnius Students for Liberty (VSFL)

The local branch for the city of Vilnius, Lithuania

Our primary goal is to debate the principles of liberty. We seek to unite students and act as an academic platform. We think that students as a part of society make the biggest progress, they are keen on making changes, they bring innovative ideas and they can actually implement them in reality. VSFL does not restrict itself to things which are easy or “politically possible”. We are more ambitious than that. We are pursuing to change the discourse itself, and to shift public attitudes towards an understanding of liberty. Our basis is self-awareness and reason.


We as a student organization have noticed a tendency among our fellow Lithuanians to “keep quiet”. This is a hangover of the oppressive atmosphere created by the Soviets, which in turn created people who stopped believing in change. This species of humans is known as #homosovieticus. The result is a complex range of problems including alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide and an education system failing to inspire students. We believe these problems are caused by oppression, and therefore the solution is #morefreedom, not less. We accept that we don’t know everything yet, so we created this organisation to push the debates forward, to include more of our fellow students, and to ask the deepest questions in search of the root of the problem.

We don’t offer superficial quick fixes. We have more questions than answers. Everyone is different. Our mission is therefore more to empower than to preach. We seek to educate the people around us about the possibilities unleashed by the principles of liberty, and to encourage members of society to make their own informed choices with regard to their their dignity, human rights and individual freedom.


We’re in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. This city faced more than enough aggression against individual freedom, human rights and dignity. Only 26 years ago, as the Soviet Union collapsed, Vilnius was turned into a battleground in a struggle for liberty which deprived people of their lives. That’s why our logo features the TV Tower, one of the main sites where unarmed people stood firm for freedom, and where a memorial to their bravery stands today. They were fighting for their future and ours, in the city where we were about to be born. We are the generation that owes our freedom to the sacrifice and the determination of the thousands of people who refused to stay silent and chose to face the tanks that night.